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Glenn Eubanks: Surrounded by Love

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You will perhaps never meet a more avid youth soccer fan if you searched for 100 years. Glenn Eubanks, father of Hannah Eubanks of our U15 Girls Blue team passed away far too early in his life.

Glenn was as big a part of the Shark family as anyone else in this club. Supporting not just his daughter to no end, but also being a big believer in the direction we were headed as a program and wanting to do everything in his power to help the club become better. Glenn’s daughter Hannah put it best when she explained that her father had three lives: he was a proud fireman, a hunter and a true fanatic of soccer.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.29.26 AMIt was roughly two years ago that Glenn was diagnosed with skin cancer and has been battling the disease valiantly ever since with the support of hundreds of friends and family. Glenn was a person that impacted many lives along the way and this was clearly evident by the vast amount of support he and his family received during the difficult times. It was especially uplifting to see the way the Fire Fighting brotherhood was always there for him in more ways than we could count. There is certainly something special to be said for all fire fighters out there and the way they care for each other, it was truly remarkable. His soccer circle was not too far behind as well as everyone pitched in to help in any way they could; whether it be bringing dinner for them or driving Hannah to and from practice. It is very clear to see that the Eubanks family is surrounded by lots of Love right now.

“Your love and passion for family, friends, and soccer will never be forgotten. No matter who our team was playing, you always believed we should win. Our time on the fields together will be cherished most. I will miss you my friend.” John Buraty.
Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.29.51 AMThe last conversation we had with Glenn was recently at a tournament, he was weak and frail but that was not going to stop him from watching two or three games back to back… That’s just who he was and what he loved doing. He reminded me once again of what he always said “You guys are doing a great job building this club” but this time he also added “I’m just sorry I won’t be able to continue this ride with you all”. Needless to say, Glenn will be missed and we will make sure that he will continue the ride with us indeed.

The heart of this club aches today with this loss but we look ahead with optimism. Remembering the legacy that Glenn left behind and feeling fortunate to have known him for the time that we did. Glenn is survived by his wife Tammy and his daughter Hannah.

If you are interested in helping the Eubanks family, the link here will take you to a site where donations can be made. We thank you in advance for your generous gesture.