Team Manager Corner

The Team Manager Corner is a useful tool to help and aid all DUSC team managers with any questions they may have about any of the processes they have to go through during the youth soccer season. If the information you are looking for is not present on this page, please let us know and we will be happy to add content. All questions can be directed to


How do I register my team for a tournament?

Each DUSC team will be given a list of mandatory tournaments they are to attend. You can see your teams tournament list by clicking the appropriate link below. In addition, coaches can find a list of approved tournaments to supplement the mandatory tournaments once you have clicked the relevant link below. Please work with the Director of Coaching to ensure you supplement your mandatory tournament list with additional tournaments. Tournament registrations will be completed by the Director of Operations. Please send an email to the Director of Operations and they will register the team for the selected tournament. Please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form if required to make payment for the tournament.






Team Fiscal Account/Fundraising

Many of our DUSC teams will fund raise throughout the year to cover expenses and keep costs to the families at a minimum. Each team can have a team account with DUSC that they deposit into with the club. The club will keep a spreadsheet of deposits and expenses but it is the team managers responsibility to keep a record of individual family transactions.


Coach/Team Expenses

Teams are responsible for the coach’s expenses when traveling to an event/tournament. This includes a $50.00 per day fee, hotels/lodging, meals totaling $40 per day and gas receipts plus 10%. Please utilize the DUSC Expense Report to calculate the coach’s expenses.

The below forms you will find useful and need to complete when either depositing money into the club or requesting money from your team account.


DUSC Deposit Form

DUSC Check Request Form

DUSC Expense Report


Legacy Travel International

At DUSC we utilize a wonderful travel company called Legacy Travel International that helps us with all our hotel needs throughout the season. When going to events please call Legacy Travel International and they will organize the hotels on your teams behalf. For events and tournaments that require teams to use their specific travel companies you must follow the instructions of the tournament and utilize the company that the tournament provides. For any events that require hotel stay but do not have a travel company please call Legacy Travel International at the below.


Vinny Agostino

(954) 296-2247


Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) & US Club Soccer

DUSC is an affiliate member of U.S. Youth Soccer, our state governing body FYSA and US Club Soccer. For information on State Cup, Presidents Cup, Commissioners Cup, Olympic Development Program (ODP) and other programs and information please check out the state governing body website here.


Google Drive

Each team will have a shared Google Drive with the Director of Operations, Coach and Team Manager. Within the Google Drive will be all required and up to date paperwork for the season, Rosters (for all leagues), Player Cards, FYSA Medical Release‘s and Miscellaneous items. You will have constant access to all required paperwork.


Roster & Player Cards

Rosters are updated on August 1st each season. Your rosters and player cards will be uploaded into your team google drive. FYSA and US Club player cards must be laminated and available for all games.


Referee Fees

DUSC pays for referee fees for one league season and either Commissioners Cup, Presidents Cup or State Cup. You will receive a check for your referee fees prior to the beginning of the season. Referee fees for scrimmages are to be paid by each team and the amounts for each age group are below.


U08/U10 – $40 per team. (For 1 official, $25 per team).

U11/U12 – $46 per team.

U13/U14 – $55 per team.

U15 & Older – $70 per team.


Each league has different referee fees per game. Please check with the Director of Operations for amounts.



DUSC utilizes many different means of communication. Firstly, our club web site is updated constantly and you will find our Facebook page, Twitter handle and Instagram account are all linked from the home page. Please follow DUSC on all means of social media.

For club wide communication the club uses the GotSport system. Mass email and text communication comes from GotSport.

DUSC utilizes WhatsApp for many of its team communication. We encourage all team managers to set up WhatsApp groups for your teams families, parents and players to ensure quick and easy communication. Additionally the club has a team managers WhatsApp group, please ensure you download WhatsApp on your phone and we will add you to the team managers group.


Team Managers Meeting


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